Treat ED and PE with Super Tadarise

Treat ED and PE with Super Tadarise

  • Posted On: Mar 20, 2020
  • Posted By: Julia Sang

Do you find it difficult to achieve an erection whenever you may be needing on the most? Do you also have trouble when trying last longer than just a few minutes before reaching your sexual climax? If these situations sound at all familiar to you, then you may have become afflicted with the combined symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

Stop yourself from being left hanging ever again when you start buying and using Super Tadarise generic medication. This medication is able to treat the symptoms of both of these sexual disorders through the ingestion of only a single tablet.

This medication is able to do this by using two separate main active ingredients simultaneously within the same tablet. These ingredients include tadalafil at 20mg which can be found within branded Cialis, as well as 60mg of dapoxetine which can be found within branded Priligy.

By using the same primary active ingredients found within the most effective forms of sexual disorder medications, Super Tadarise is able to provide an excellent sense of relief. A single dosage of this medication is able to keep you protected from your symptoms for up to 36 entire hours, making it easy to see how it has become so widely recognized all over the world.

How Super Tadarise is Able to Treat Both ED and PE Simultaneously

Unlike a majority of medications currently available today, Super Tadarise is able to use two separate primary active ingredients when treating your ED and PE. Your ED is treated through the inhibition of your PDE-5 enzymes, allowing your cGMP hormones to then increase the amount of blood that would then flow towards your penis.

This leaves you with PE, which is treated using dapoxetine. This ingredient provides you with relief by blocking the transport of serotonin, allowing you to enjoy far more control over when you would like to reach your sexual climax. Experience effective ED and PE relief when you buy Super Tadarise tablets today.

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